The Web3 Papers

I. We’re working on the definitive guide to understanding how the future will be shaped by web3 in the medium and long-term. This means capturing web3’s value proposition from first principles and pointing out the places where it doesn’t make sense.

II. This century will likely be humanity’s most important one. The coordination and governance systems we put in place will have unprecedented impact on directing the outcome to be positive or negative and bringing back progress.

III. This project serves both to direct builders in more effective directions and to update the public’s understanding of web3. We think this will be very helpful for pushing the space forwards and that people are neglecting the extent to which it can be done.

IV. In practice it takes the form of a sequence of essays titled “Web3 from First Principles: The Role Coordination Plays in Society and the Ways Web3 Tech Can and Cannot Help”. This is a collaboration with essays contributed by many people. A non-opinionated federalist papers for web3.

V. We are interested in the use of economics and mechanism design for unlocking more efficient and effective systems for human cooperation. This includes improving or replacing present-day corporations and governments.

VI. We will be tackling questions like the following from first principles:

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